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Remove unsightly leaves, pine cones, pine needles and debris.from your roof before they damage your home. The Garelick roof brush head is 18 inches wide and is easy to assemble. 

Made in the USA of high strength aluminum and ash wood. The roof brush is easily attached to lightweight, snap-together, 5-foot poles (sold below) so you can work safely from the ground. Or ready to use with Garelick deluxe roof rake sold on this site. 30 feet (6 poles) is max recommended length.

Note: does not fit telescoping poles.

Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

Expanded utility for your roof-rake.

We installed two solar arrays on a new metal roof last fall. The Garelick roof-rake works very well for clearing snow off of them EXCEPT for about 1/2 inch of the stuff. While this doesn't matter on most roofs, it is enough to keep solar panels from producing any electricity!

With the recent warm weather, there has been no opportunity to use the brush yet, but expect it will work very well for getting rid of the last bits of snow, as it will for bud scales, leaves, flowers and seeds in the warmer months.

It gets five stars because having it as an accessory to the rake means we do not have to have a second, very long handled tool to store.

WE COULD ALSO USE A wide LIGHT, RUBBER SQUEEGEE compatible with the rake handle for cleaning the grime off of these amazing pieces of technology while it is raining.

What do you say, Garelick? Do you already have this in the works?

There are an awful lot of people like us with new photovoltaic systems that will need squeegeeing!

Used once

Brush easily cleaned off leaves from roof, but I had difficult time cleaning off pine needles. Unless pine needles were in large clumps, brush would not grab them as I would have expected.. Product is good quality and reasonably priced. Maybe with more practice I will be able to get the results I expected and up the rating to five star.

Leaf roof cleaning

The roof brush is a great tool to get the collected leaves off the roof. It works really well. Many places you can reach from the ground. If you use a ladder, then the rake reaches about half way up on our roof.

Roof leaf brush

I bought the 25 foot brush for pine needles and leaves. The pole bends a lot at this length which makes it a little difficult to handle. However, when it bends it is easier to reach some areas on a roof with a shallow angle. A leaf blower does a better job but of course it requires climbing on the roof. Overall a good product that gets the job done.

Works well but is very hard to move around. Bows a lot making it hard to move from side to side.

Garelick Roof Rake Extension Model 89005
Price: $14.98
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