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While winter is a certainty every year, the amount of snow it brings varies widely. And when the winter snow starts to fall our first priority it is to clear our roads and driveways. We love the beauty of icicles on our homes, as well as snow covered roofs and trees, however, we at, are all to aware that icicles are a sign of roof damaging ice dams which can leak into your home. And the snow, if it does not let up, will put an incredible amount of stress and weight on one's roof, gutters, and eaves.

Having a roof rake on hand is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your roof from the incredible weight that snow can bring. However, a good quality made snow roof rake can be a little challenging to locate when the snow really starts to accumulate. We have first hand sampled and reviewed every roof rake manufactured in the United States and built a web site dedicated to offering only the best roof rakes and are ready 24-7 to get them to you quickly, no matter where the snow may fall. We'll even tell you about the roof rakes we don't sell.

And as our expert customer service team, can explain, there is a different roof rake for every situation. That is why we have segmented our site into the following categories: Roof rakes with rollers made to protect your shingles, roof rakes with slides which cut your work in half, soft snow roofrakes, which are perfect for solar panels, cutting roof rakes, which undercut the snow and let gravity do the work, telescoping roof rakes to keep your parts to a minimum, and even leaf roof rakes. But our collection does not stop there, we have roof rakes for school busses, aircraft, trucks, automotive, awnings, and much more. Some of our clients select more than one snow roof rake as they have detached garages, houses with valleys on their roofs or more than one application.

And if you would like a little more scientific explanation of ice dams, snow loading or roof rakes in general visit our article base. Not sure which roof rake to select or where to start - let me give you the roof rake tour.


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Using Roof Snow Rake Sas and Sandi Winter Storm NEMO 2013

The melting and refreezing of snow can cause ice dams which allow water to become trapped on your roof with nowhere to drain but through your roofing into your home.

SNOW LOADING The average weight of 1 foot of compacted snow is 30 pounds. New roofs can support in excess of 40 pounds per square foot. Older homes vary.


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