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Made in USA

Tough extruded aluminum construction makes this the most durable American-Made snow roof rake yet only weighs 5 pounds.. The poles are fluted for extra strength and  significantly overlap the previous pole adding reinforced strength and allowing this roofrake to remain straighter than all others while you remove snow from your roof.. 

The shovel head is 24 inches wide and has a rolled teardrop edge so it will not scrape your shingles. A shingle guard strip may be purchased to add extra protection for your roof..

Additional five foot extensions can be purchased and added to give you more length to get high up on your roof.

This roof rake is the simplest to assemble, simply screw in the braces and you are ready to rake. The Rugged Snow Roof Rakes come with a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Rest assured that your home will be free from ice dams and the collapse from the weight of heavy snow.

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These folks turn themselves inside out to provide a great product.- Last year when Roof Rakes were hard to come by they worked hard to ship out their product as soon as possible.. Great communications and a great rake!!

roof rake

Im glad I got the roof rake it makes it so much easier to try and clean my roof. it is lightweight and very easy to use

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96060 Rugged 5 Foot Extension In Stock $12.95
96701 Rugged Shingle Guard In Stock $2.99
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