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Soft Roof Snow Removal Tool Perfect to

Remove Snow From Solar Panels

Choose Your Length:

The Best Way to Remove Snow From Solar Panels, Awnings, Aircraft, Vehicles and Roofs Prevents ICE DAMS - THE SNOW PRO & ROOF BRUM!

Our Soft Snow Removal Roof Rake tools are non-abrasive and specifically designed to not damage the surfaces you are using them on. These professional tools are Made in America from specially treated hard, durable polyethylene foam rugged enough to tackle snow and soft enough to not harm your shingles, awnings or vehicles, or solar panels.

Choose 3 different pole options: 

  • From the Heavy Duty Mr. Long Arm 23-foot fiberglass and aluminum pole with a metal tip.
  • Garelick 24 Foot Pole - this is a fantastic all aluminum medium duty pole with a nylon tip and internal locks. The pole can take a beating, but don't over do it, it can be difficult to close if you bend the sections.
  • Unger 30 Foot Pole - our longest pole by far. This is a great medium duty pole. Take care if using zero temperatures as the tip and connectors are plastic and can become brittle in fridged conditions.

  • Remove Snow From Solar Panels
  • Remove Snow From Aircraft
  • Remove Snow From Buses,  Trucks and Large Vehicles
  • Remove Snow From Awnings 
  • Remove Snow From Metal Roofs
Pole OptionsManufacturerLengthCollapsesReachWeight
24 Foot
Telescoping Pole
Garelick in USA24 Feet83 inches1-2 Story3 lbs 7oz.
30 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping PoleUnger in Germany30 Feet89 inches1-2 Story6 lbs 8oz*
*at full length
23 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping PoleMr Long Arm USA23 Feet99 inches1-2 Story3 lbs 11oz.
Snow Pro


16.5 inches

6 inches

 Less than a poundSoft
Roof BrumGrey17.5 inches9.5 inchesLess than a poundFirm
Overall Customer Rating of 44 Reviews:

Last one worked fine. Tried to get another with heavy-duty pole as the "medium" pole wasn't as rugged as I hoped. But it did give me four years, which is very acceptable.

Seems sturdy enough,but won't know how good it is until snow fly's.


It works well. Only problem is there are brackets between the solar panels holding them on to the base. The tail of the bolts stick up about 1/2" which has damaged the head (rubber part). Tore it up a bit. Maybe the head could be made of a little firmer rubber based material. Other than that it works great. I have 26 panels and can remove the snow in about an hour. I recommend it.


Worked great this winter for removing snow from my solar panels.

Glad I got it!!! Will be ordering a replacement head for it next year so I have a back up when needed.

Great product. A tad heavy (thus the "4" rating when all 30' are used on a slow-pitched" roof. The "brush" portion is terrific. As advertised and seen on the youtube reviews, it works very well. You need to address snow on the panels immediately. My "Snowpro" showed up many days after it snowed (my fault for not pulling the trigger sooner). Any thawed and re-frozen snow was not coming off (nor did I expect this soft material to accomplish this). I bought the 30' version. Despite it being "medium" duty, it's still a tad heavy. My roof has a slow pitch, so I'm using the item more "horizontally" than vertically. I'm not sure I'll be able to maneuver the item at full length, but I'll definitely be able to access significantly more with this length. "Better to have and not need than to need and not have". :> lastly, the extensions and the ability to adjust the length of the item is very convenient. Starting from the "bottom" panel per the youtube video is great guidance. The locking mechanisms on the extensions work well. They take some "experience".

Snow Roof Brum Head
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Solar Panel Snow Pro Head
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Auto Snow Brum
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Roof Melt Tablets
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