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Remove unsightly leaves, pine cones, pine needles and debris.from your roof before they damage your home. The Garelick roof brush head is 18 inches wide and is easy to assemble. 

Made in the USA of high strength aluminum and ash wood. The roof brush is easily attached to lightweight, snap-together, 5-foot poles (sold below) so you can work safely from the ground. Or ready to use with Garelick deluxe roof rake sold on this site. 30 feet (6 poles) is max recommended length.

Note: does not fit telescoping poles.

Overall Customer Rating of 20 Reviews:

This is the only way that I have been able to remove the pine needles from my roof. Works great!

Why hadn't they invented this before (or maybe they did)?

The brush attachment for my roofrake is going to be a godsend. I have 17 oaks on my property, so you can imagine that getting the fallen leaves off my roof each fall is a huge chore. I have used a handheld electric leafblower while on a ladder, which is both ineffective and perhaps a bit dangerous. This product will let me do the job better, faster and more safely..

Still Waiting For Snap Buttons

I purchased the roofbrush with the extension poles, the kit. I did not receive snap buttons with the poles so the brush is basically unusable because it falls apart. I called after receiving the brush and kit and was told the snap buttons would be sent. I have not received them yet.

I have a large metal roof with pine needles that were 2-3" deep. The roof Brush did a great job in removing them. Thanks

i have pine needles that build up on top of my gutter guards, so the rake worked well to brush them off. it didn't take very long to finish the whole gutter system. only thing i noticed are that the extensions flex as you add more poles. i ordered 3 extensions.

Garelick Roof Rake Extension Model 89005
On Sale$9.95
Garelick Roof Brush parts 89600
On Sale$2.95-$9.95
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