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Choose Your Length:

The Roof Brum's is back and is best way to remove the most snow from objects without damaging them such as solar panels, awnings, school buses, commercial vehicles and more.

At 17.5 inches wide. 9.5 inches tall, and almost 2 inches thick it is more take a beating. It now features a finer edge to be both softer and provide more detailed snow removal.

Made in America from specially treated hard, durable polyethylene foam rugged enough to tackle snow and soft enough to not harm your shingles, awnings or vehicles, or solar panels.

Choose 3 different pole options:

  • Heavy Duty Mr. Long Arm nearly 23-foot fiberglass and aluminum pole with a metal tip.
  • Garelick 24 Foot Pole - this is a fantastic all aluminum medium duty pole with a nylon tip and internal locks. The pole can take a beating, but don't over do it, it can be difficult to close if you bend the sections.
  • Unger 30 Foot Pole - our longest pole by far. This is a great medium duty pole. Take care if using zero temperatures as the tip and connectors are plastic and can become brittle in sub zero conditions.
  • If you only want the head with NO pole - select the "Roof Brum Head Only" option near the bottom of this page. This will give you better shipping rates because it is not an over-sized package.
Pole OptionsManufacturerLengthCollapsesReachWeight
24 Foot
Telescoping Pole
Garelick in USA24 Feet83 inches1-2 Story3 lbs 7oz.
22.5 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole
Mr Long Arm USA
22.5 Feet
94.75 inches
1-2 Story
3 lbs 11oz.
Snow Pro


16.5 inches

6 inches

Less than a poundSoft
Roof BrumBlack17.5 inches9.5 inchesLess than a poundFirm
Overall Customer Rating of 13 Reviews:

Roof Brum

I bought this as recommended for solar panels. My sister has used it and says it works good on fresh fluffy snow. Not so great on crusted over year will have to try to get on it right after the first snow and hope for better performance.

Deb Q.

Great Solution for Solar Panels

I bought this product to remove the snow from our solar system. I works great in clearing off the panels while I am secure on the ground.

Just what we needed and could find nowhere else

Our church has a metal roof and we need to keep the canopy over the entrance clear of snow so the melting waters don't create ice on the walkway below. Run-of-the-mill roof rakes did not clear the roof well and they had potential to dent the metal roof.

The Roof Brum fits perfectly for the panels and clears well. It is lighter than traditional roof rakes, making it easier to use. And the 23 foot extension allows us to get up to the peak of the canopy. The pole is sturdy, with just the right amount of flex.

I suspect that in time we will have to replace the pad on the end after repeated contact with ridges, ice and rivets. But is will be worth it. I'm and not one to give 5 stars, but this product deserves it.

Not worth it!

<p>The end of the rake does not weigh enough to get into the snow to pull it down. I spend more time and effort with this then when I got on the roof and knocked off the snow with a broom. Not worth the money!</p><p>RESPONSE:<br></p><p>Appreciate the review. First use can be frustrating if the snow has solidified for quite some time. Weight of the unit is light to use with little effort. If you watch the video you can clearly see these product can penetrate snow that you will commonly encounter. We will accept a return of the product if it does not work in your situation.</p>

Great for Solar Panels

Have had a chance to use this product 3 times. It works great for what I purchased it for - namely, cleaning off my electric solar panels. It does the job and I see no reason to worry about scratching the panel surface. The head is flexible but not soft foam and seems to be very durable. The downward facing edge is a flat surface about 1.5 inches or so thick and is not good for breaking through crusty snow. However, if you remove snow right after a snowfall it seems perfectly fine. Will know more as the winter progresses.

At this point I would certainly recommend this snow rake for the cleaning of solar panels. The extension feature works smoothly but would recommend setting the head end on the ground to tighten or loosen the extension adjuster locks. Trying to unscrew the lock with the head in the air ends up turning the rod rather than the screw lock.

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