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Bare Ground Liquid Ice Melter is truly a unique product. It can be used in 3 ways, before, during, and after a storm. The manufacturer claims it is also safe to use on plant life prior to an impending ice storm. A pretreated Bare Ground walk or driveway will eliminate a light snow from the need of shoveling. It will also somewhat lesson a medium snowfall up to 3 fold. Most importantly it will deter ice underneath snow and make your shoveling chore significantly easier. It must be diluted 50:50 with water and sprayed on.

Manufacturer's Description Why shovel snow and ice when you can easily spray on Bare Ground liquid deicing solution? Bare Ground's award winning all natural anti-snow/deicing liquid means you'll shovel less this winter! Available in this easy to use 1 gal pail, the Bare Ground liquid is environmentally safe, bio-degradable, water soluble, non-staining and non-toxic to people, plants, pets and livestock. It's safe on all surfaces too! Dilute it 50:50 with water and spray directly on trees and shrubs to prevent breakage due to ice. Less stress and strain means fewer sore muscles and less likelihood of heart strain.

Three Way to use Bare Ground

Hours Before A Storm:

Bare Ground can be applied to a bare surface hours before the start of an expected snow or ice storm. The result of an early application to a bare surface is the creation of a nonstick surface which makes the removal of ice and snow quick and easy and helps maintain safer grounds and walkways. This is an excellent manner of treatment in those snow areas that remain extremely cold for long periods of time.

At The Start of A Storm:

Bare Ground can be applied to a bare surface at the start of a snow or ice event. The result of an application to a bare surface at the start of a storm will result in a possible reduction of an accumulation of snow by as much as 3. This reduction effect is somewhat dependent upon the humidity content present in the snowfall and the ambient outside temperature. The coldest snowfall temperatures will generally result in very low water content in the snow. This water content is responsible for starting the reduction effect. With lengthy snow storms, the solution applied will be overcome and an accumulation will occur.However, the non-stick effect will continue to be effective.

After The Storm:

Bare Ground can be applied after a snow or ice storm to residual patches of ice and snow. The result of an application to residual patches after a storm will create a melting of the patches of ice and snow even at low temperatures. Bare Ground is an excellent low temperature, environmentally gentle deicer.

What is Bare Ground? Bare Ground is an all natural environmentally safe co-product of corn, grain or agricultural processing sometimes containing distillers condensed solubles that is added to a base of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2). Bare Ground is non toxic, water soluble, non flammable, biodegradable and less corrosive than water.

When should I use Bare Ground? Bare Ground can be used as an anti-snow agent prior to a snow storm or ice storm. Bare Ground is also an excellent deicer which can be applied directly to an ice or snow pack. Are there any cautions to using Bare Ground? Yes, do not apply Bare Ground when the temperature is over 35 degrees because it can create a slippery surface.

How does Bare Ground work? Bare Ground sinks to the surface level, melting as it goes down, and spreads out after reaching the surface breaking the bond between the snow or ice and the pavement for an easy and complete cleanup.

How long does Bare Ground take to work? Bare Ground should be applied about 1 1/2hr. to 2hrs. before a snow or ice storm to be effective in reducing the accumulation of snow.

How much does 1 (one) gallon cover? If you choose to use Bare Ground as an anti-snow agent to reduce possible snow accumulation, you will find that a liberal misting can treat a two car driveway that measures 20' by 50' plus extra walkways or about 1000sq.ft.

Does Bare Ground have a shelf life? No. Just shake the capped container to dislodge any sediments that may have settled and Bare Ground is ready to be used again.

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