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Soft Roof Snow Removal Tool Perfect to

Remove Snow From Solar Panels

Choose Your Length:

The Best Way to Remove Snow From Solar Panels, Awnings, Aircraft, Vehicles and Roofs Prevents ICE DAMS - THE SNOW PRO & ROOF BRUM!

Our Soft Snow Removal Roof Rake tools are non-abrasive and specifically designed to not damage the surfaces you are using them on. These professional tools are Made in America from specially treated hard, durable polyethylene foam rugged enough to tackle snow and soft enough to not harm your shingles, awnings or vehicles, or solar panels.

Choose 3 different pole options:

  • From the Heavy Duty Mr. Long Arm nearly 23 foot fiberglass and aluminum pole with a metal tip.
  • Garelick 24 Foot Pole - this is a fantastic all aluminum medium duty pole with a nylon tip and internal locks. The pole can take a beating, but don't over do it, it can be difficult to close if you bend the sections.
  • Unger 30 Foot Pole - our longest pole by far. This is a great medium duty pole. Take care if using zero temperatures as the tip and connectors are plastic and can become brittle in fridged conditions.

  • Remove Snow From Solar Panels
  • Remove Snow From Aircraft
  • Remove Snow From Buses, Trucks and Large Vehicles
  • Remove Snow From Awnings
  • Remove Snow From Metal Roofs
Pole Options Manufacturer Length Collapses Reach Weight
12 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole Mr Long Arm USA Almost 12 Feet 50 inches 1-2 Story .
18 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole Mr Long Arm USA Almost 18 feet 75 inches 1-2 Story 3 lbs 11oz.
22.5 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole Mr Long Arm USA aprox 22.5 Feet 94.75 inches 1-2 Story 3 lbs 11oz.
24 Foot Medium Duty Telescoping Pole
Garelick in USA 24 Feet 83 inches 1-2 Story 3 lbs 11oz.
30 Foot Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole Unger in Germany 30 Feet 89 inches 1-2 Story 3 lbs 11oz.
Head Color Width Tall Weight Comments
Snow Pro


16.5 inches

6 inches

5 Ounces Soft
Roof Brum Grey 17.5 inches 9.5 inches Less than a pound Firm
Overall Customer Rating of 114 Reviews:

Great for Solar Panel snow removal

I bought the Snow Pro with the 30 foot handle. I have a rambler home with a basement with a front porch entrance about 4 ft. + above ground level (rain gutter is about 12 feet off the ground). My roof is sloped at about 30 deg. Standing on the ground takes all 30 feet to get the blade to the top of the panels. I have 21 large panels providing a good workout removing the snow. The Snow Pro has worked well for me. Be careful with the handle fully extended because it bows in the middle stretched out that far. On a more sloped roof it would easier to remove the snow. I definitely recommend the Snow Pro.

Great Rake

It's a great rate, doing its job well.

Thanks Roof Rake - We just had a a Solar array installed and the weather predicted a snow storm 4 days later. The solar Installers recommended your company. We order 3 days before the storm and 2 days later our product appeared at our front door. Thanks for the great service, not to mention the rake worked phenomenal on the 6 inches of snow piled up on the array! Keep up the good work!

perfect product

purchased for my father for his handicapped ramp awning...perfect.

light weight, adjustable. easy to handle. can use for other items outside as well...satellite dish, car...

great product.

rakes snow well

works. nice and light / easy to handle.

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