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Roof Rake Snow Removal Tool


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These will sell out with back to back storms - Order Soon - The best-selling American Made Roof Rake snow removal tool.

If you are wondering which roof rake everyone is buying - you have found it. Hundreds of satisfied customers weekly select the Deluxe American Made Snow Roof Rake with Shingle Saver Rollers is designed to easily remove snow from your roof without the blade head touching your shingles. Relieve your roof of the unbelievable weight of snow and prevent water damage to your home from ice dams near the edge. Its perfect for other uses including removing snow from school buses and commercial vehicles.

Tried and tested this Roof Rake is engineered to last and do a great job time after time. Made of rugged and lightweight no-rust aluminum and plated hardware this roof rake weighs less than 6 pounds and is assembled in minutes. During use the poles snap together so you can roof rake in five foot increments.

Purchase additional five foot extensions to give you extra length to reach 31 feet. This snow roof rake is incredibly light but extremely strong and easy to use.


21 Foot Deluxe Snow Roof Rake

24"x7"21 Feet2 Story46 Lbs

16 Foot Deluxe Snow Roof Rake


16 Feet1 Story35 Lbs

5 Foot Extension

N/A5 Feet1.1 Lbs

First off, I bet a few of you are wondering where the instructions are to assemble your brand new roof rake are. We too get that call from time to time something like - there was no little slip of paper explaining how to assemble it - and the snow is piling up!

The instructions on how to assemble a Garelick Snow Roof Rake are printed on the long flap of the box!

You may have opened your roof rake box from the short end - so open it like a cake box and the instructions are right inside. But you may have already recycled your snow roofrake box and now you are wondering where to begin. Well, you have come to the right spot!

Step One: do a complete inventory of your roof rake parts.You should have the following

  1. 1 Roof rake hardware pack containing, nuts, bolts and 2 patented shingle savers.
  2. 2 Roof rake braces (once in a blue moon they are inside a roof rake pole)
  3. 1 Angle adapter
  4. 3,4,5 or 6 Five foot poles depending on which snow roof rake model you purchased and how many extension poles you ordered

You will also need:
Wrenches and larger flath ead screw driver
Optional - LocTite Threadlocker

Do Not Hand Tighten Any Screws. Use proper tools. Check your hardware to make sure it is secure before roof raking

Harsh winter conditions, snow, and ice can cause the hardware to loosen over time We recommend using LocTite Thread Locker to keep everything in place - it is available on our site. LocTite Threadlocker expands where no air is present such as the threads of the nuts and bolts- securing all of your hardware.

Step Two
Insert all the push pin clips into the tapered ends of the roof rake extension poles and get the pin to snap our the hole. I prefer to insert the v side inward. If you miss the hole - you can use a needle nose pliers to fish them back up.

Step Three Affix the one foot angle adapter to the center of the roof rake blade with the long bolt. ( long portion of the bend is close to the head or blade of the roof rake) This can be one of the more challenging steps as the holes intentionally don't line up. This engineered so the 2 parts thread together. TIP: LAY THE ROOF RAKE HEAD ON A HARD FLAT SURFACE. POSITION THE ANGLE ADAPTER IN PLACE AND PUT THE SCREW IN ONE HOLE BUT NOT OUT THE OTHER. TILT THE HEAD TOWARDS ITS ANGLE IN SO THE OTHER SIDE COME SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND AND USE A SCREW DRIVER TO SCREW IT OUT THE OTHER SIDE. Affix the locking bolt to the screw. And make tight with wrench.

Step Four
Attached the 2 braces to the angle adapter with the last remaining screw and one of the nuts. You may hand tighten this for now - we will snug it up at the end. Then with the little screws and 2 remaining bolts attach the braces to the roof rake head. I prefer the bolts to face the inside of the blade and the screw ends on the outside.

Step Five
Installing the Shingle Savers. The patented Shingle Savers attaches to the roof rake blade by a hairline opening. Use a flathead screw driver to pry the opening and release them on the slot on blade. TIP USE SUPERGLUE TO CLOSE THE HAIRLINE SLIT IN THE SHINGLE SAVERS. The shingle savers may not spin freely at this time but as you use the rake they should ease into operation.

Happy Roofraking!

Overall Customer Rating of 127 Reviews:
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Damn good product for the money!!!

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I purchased the Garelick Original w/ roof rollers. It arrived in 2 days by regular mail ( amazing!!) Assembled very easily and per the instructions. Worked on my Daughter's single story home, as well as her detached 2car garage with an "old angled" roof. Absolutely PERFECT!!!! The flex of the pole ( when assembled) works well and in your favor when pulling the snow down from the roof. MADE IN AMERICA!!!! Thank you!!!!

Excellent value

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Very happy with this roof rake. I bought an extra five ft extension to reach as close to the ridge on my roof as possible making a twenty five foot pole. This was still easy to manage and holds together well. The rake is rugged enough to handle the big snows in my part of the North East. The all aluminum construction is light weight and tough. No plastic except for the rollers. Easy to assemble.

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I am happy with this purchase after waiting far too long and suffering too many ice dams. It works as described and is very easy to use. The only issue I encountered was the joints between the sections of poles were/are very tight. I assume this is designed this way intentionally since too loose would be problematic. Overall, I'd purchase again and this time not wait too long to have ice dams.

Aluminum Roof Rake

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Love it! Saves my roof shingles and yet easily gets the snow off my roof! Made in the USA, too! Let's keep jobs in the USA!

Roof Rake with Rollers

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Arrived within a few days. Was not difficult to put together. Seems sturdy and well made, Like the way the blade is supported, Have not had a chance to use it yet but I am pretty sure it will work well. We are going to use this on a slightly slanted roof. The poles can be added easily and taken apart for storage. Very satisfied.

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