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The American Made Minnsnowta Roof Razor is the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove snow from your roof. The 3-foot wide Razor Titan, and 2-foot wide Razor Dynamo feature a tough, 10-foot long reinforced woven fiber slide which allows snow to avalanche down to the ground.

The thick aluminum cutting blade carves snow up like a hot knife through butter while its 2-inch wheels keep this unique snow roof rake completely off your shingles.

Both Roof Razors come with 4 six-foot long, large diameter locking poles to give you up to 24 feet of length. Additional six-foot long poles may be purchased. Its all-aluminum construction keeps the unit strong but light. The Dynamo weighs 2 pounds and the Titan 3 pounds.

Other options include a drift buster – which allow you extra cutting action for snow drifts and deeper snow. As well as an additional angle to get to flatter roofs. Larger wheels can be purchased for metal, cedar and tile roofing.


Razor Titan

3 Feet24 Feet2 Story416 Lbs

Razor Dynamo

2 Feet

24 Feet2 Story 4 14 Lbs

6 Foot Extension

N/A6 Feet 1 1 Lbs

Overall Customer Rating of 31 Reviews:

Let it snow

Going to lose friends over this, but I wish we got one more big storm here in Pa. Used the Razor once and it worked absolutely great, between that and the sun, my roof was the only one with no snow or ice jams in my neighborhood.


Works well so far, haven't had any problems yet other than learning to use it. It takes a little getting used to it. We've had a weird winter though, several warm spells ( above minus 20 ) that let the snow start to melt and

refreeze at night on one end of the roof during the night and snow within a

day or two if not that same night. I actually prefer it when it stays cold like it used to. It does not snow at minus 40 or -60 or colder which used to be normal up here.


Rake came on time, is durably made and should last a while.

It worked very well on fresh snow but could not remove areas that had prior melting and had turned to ice. This was not the fault of the tool; the ice areas couldn't be shoveled either. Not the tools fault.

Reason for the 4 star and not 5:

The bungee holding the slide mat is centered on the mat. This makes the snow come straight down at you and then flips snow up over your head and face. I 'altered' the mat and put bungees on both corners of the mat.; Then, I could make the snow slope and fall left or right of me without having it come at and over me. This kept me dry and I was also able to put the snow where I wanted it !! So, I didn't have to 'duck' the falling cubes of snow. Any 'perk' for this improvement?

Great design. I cleaned the roof in no time and saw neighbors up on their roofs risking it. In the end my roof was done at least 10 times faster, and melted faster than theirs as they didn't get as close as the razor. I love it

Awesome tool, had the roof cleared in minutes.

Roof Razor Snow Drift Buster
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Minnsnowta Razor Extension Pole
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Roof Razor Metal Roof Kit
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Replacement Parts for Minnsnowta Roof Razors
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 Roof Razor 220 Angle Kit
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